Program includes FREE FITBIT & WiFi SCALE
Better health through better habits.

A health coach at the palm of your hands with personal insights and encouragement.

What is RestoreHealth?

RestoreHealth is a digital program that helps individuals get to the root cause of their health issues, not just the symptoms. With a focus on improvements in sleep, stress, nutrition, and exercise, RestoreHealth impacts your lifestyle to help you get and stay healthy for good.

We use a combination of live, individualized coaching, smart technology and personalized content. Connected devices (supplied at no additional cost) monitor progress remotely and drive engagement multiple times per day which leads to long-term change.

Why members on our program are successful:
  • Real relationships with real people: a live coach who works with you.
  • Personalized & relevant content for each member: meeting you where you are.
  • Easy & simple to use: it’s actually quite fun, too!
  • Consistent use of the program leads to positive health outcomes: lose weight, improve your health, live better.
Member Testimonial
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“When well-known weight loss programs didn't work, I turned to RestoreHealth."

As a 37-year-old mother of two, my weight has always been a struggle: I was about 280 pounds, had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. RestoreHealth helped me adjust my lifestyle in simple ways. My coach, Sarah, customized workouts for my limitations and encouraged me with healthy nutrition habits. These really impacted me and helped me lose weight.

Learning to identify my internal struggles was the best thing I learned while on RestoreHealth. I was dealing with a lot of stress coming into the program, but I never realized how some of my negative habits were reactions to certain stress triggers. Now, I take a deep breath and think of ways to deal with the situation rather than running to the vending machine or grabbing a drink. I’ve now lost just shy of 115 pounds.

–Lisa. RestoreHealth Member
Better health through better
sleep, stress, exercise, & nutrition
Here’s how our program makes it easy to get lasting health results.
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Personal Coaching

You get instantly paired with a RestoreHealth coach that will be with you every step of the way. Coaches stay in touch via daily text messaging and monthly phone calls to ensure an outstanding experience.

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Web & Mobile Apps

Our web and mobile apps make it easy. Get daily educational content, personalized exercise and nutrition plans, progress reports, social support from a small group of peers, and more.

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Connected Devices

Sleep, stress, and weight data is tracked automatically. This real-time health data is used to optimize your program to get the best possible results.

Why RestoreHealth Works When Other Programs Fail
Your Personal Health Coach
at the palm of your hands
Daily Coaching & Guidance
Your coach provides you the support you need via in-app messaging, text messages, emails, or phone. You get to set your communication preference.
Daily Exercises
Personalized to your fitness level and designed to help you get dramatic benefits with a few minutes of activity each day.
Personalized Nutrition
Your coach will help you select the perfect nutrition plan. Logging meals is a snap, all you have to do is take a picture to log your meals, and you’ll get immediate feedback from your coach.
Your coach and the connected devices provide accountability and encouragement in helping you reach your health goals.
Automatic Progress Tracking
Track your key activities, exercise, weight, food consumption, and stress levels, all with the focus of helping you regain your health and losing weight.
Sleep Tracking
Sleep has a significant impact on your hormones, health, and weight. We track your sleep and offer you input in getting the right amount.
Stress Reduction
How you handle life’s stresses has a significant impact on your overall health. We help you reduce stress using scientifically-proven relaxation techniques.
You’ll have the ability to interact with other members on RestoreHealth to uplift, educate, and encourage you during your time in the program.
Proper hydration is a vital part of any nutrition plan. Your coach will work with you to ensure you are meeting your specific hydration needs.
Through personalized lessons, you’ll learn the science behind how to create healthy habits to meet your individual health goals.
Goal Setting
With the assistance of your health coach, you get to create your weight loss and health goals and then work together to make them a reality. Goals are tracked in the app for additional support.
Your coach will support you to meet YOUR goals, YOUR way, on YOUR terms. They will work with you to encourage healthy habits along every step of your health journey.
Backed by better science, RestoreHealth is designed to provide you personalized strategies to help you regain your health. If one approach does not work, your coach will help you find another that fits your needs and your lifestyle.
With lessons, goal tracking, and streaks, you will find fulfillment in achieving your health goals.
Member Testimonial

Lives changed for the better

Is there any cost to me?

The program is offered at no cost to all covered employees but you must be eligible to enroll. Please check with your human resources or benefits department to see if you are eligible.

Not sponsored by an employer? Click here to sign up!

I’m busy. What’s the time commitment?

RestoreHealth™ is designed to fit your busy lifestyle. You can do the activities any time of day from your computer or iPhone. The time commitment is about 10-15 minutes per day, and it’s okay if you occasionally miss a day, travel, or go on vacation.

What’s in the hardware package?

We’ll send you a wireless sleep tracker and a wireless scale. This state-of-the-art hardware sends your progress data automatically to your RestoreHealth™ coach. Your coach then uses this data to optimize your program for the best results.

Is this a weight-loss program? If so, how much will I lose?

Our goal is to help you lead a healthier, more energetic life. Weight-loss is just one of the many benefits of the program. An average members loses about 7% of their body weight after 120 days. Your individual results will vary. We try to set our client’s expectations around losing between 0.5 to 1 pound per week. Many clients lose more than that, but everyone is different.

What type of food will I eat?

During an onboarding phone call, your coach will help you pick a nutrition plan that’s perfect for you. (No, we don’t sell any supplements or shakes.) Your nutrition plan is not just another “diet.” It’s a new way of eating long-term that leads to sustainable weight loss and lasting improvements in your health. We will help you replace sugars and other refined carbohydrates with healthier alternatives. Meals are generally based around fresh, whole foods like meat, vegetables, seafood, and healthy fats.

I have a physical injury that keeps me from exercising. Will this program work for me?

Yes! We recognize our members have unique needs. So no matter what your physical conditioning today, your coach can personalize an exercise plan that works for you.

How long is the program?

The program lasts four months. After that, your coach will continue to offer less frequent support for up to twelve months total. We’ll stick together to help you achieve long-term health.

What if I start the program but then decide it’s not for me?

No worries! You can stop the program at any time.

What's Included
  • Personal health coach
  • Unlimited texting with your coach
  • One coach call per month
  • State-of-the-art hardware package
  • Personal exercise & nutrition plans
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